SLO non-profit's mission is boosting small business entrepreneurs

Dec 26, 2017

Mission Community Services Corporation - or Mission Community - is a San Luis Obispo non-profit that helps people of walks of life start small businesses. 

KCBX 's Greta Mart invited Mission Community board member Polly Mertens and Program Director Chuck Jehle to the KCBX studio to find out more about the organization and MCSC’s Women’s Business Center, sponsored through the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The MCSC Women’s Business Center has recently launched a new youth program, partnering with San Luis Obispo’s Laguna Middle School and Sinsheimer Elementary to establish an "interactive, educational initiative for creative youth," according to MCSC’ Stacey Aragon. “The new initiative provides a strong foundation for concepts of entrepreneurship including concept testing, basic business finances, marketing, prototyping, manufacturing, launching and leadership. Students are encouraged to fuel their creativity and apply critical thinking skills to develop a product or service."