SLO MakerSpace

Instagram: @slomakerspace

Brian Reynolds speaks with SLO County Library Director Chris Barnickel and SLO Makerspace CEO Clint Slaughter about their upcoming partnership and how this collaboration will redefine the kind of access a library card gives you and how making things can bring the community together. 

Who is a Maker? What is a Hacker? Why are collaborative workspaces popping up around the globe? Learn why Maker Spaces are the growing platform that will provide the basic hands-on technical training needed to produce goods in our current economy.  Host Fred Munroe is joined by guests Clint Slaughter, M.D., and CEO of SLO MakerSpace, along with Michael Bales and Steve Phillips, co-founders of Santa Barbara’s Hackerspace to explore the importance of these spaces as a place for creation, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship.