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  • Join host Kris Kington Barker and her guest Sherrill Wayland (She/Her/They), MSW, Senior Director of Special Initiatives and Partnerships for SAGE Advocacy and Services for LGBTQ+ Seniors in a discussion about the LEI is so important, what the results showed, local results, efforts that will make a difference in our community and how you can get involved. You are invited to listen, learn, and send your questions or comments during the show to voices@kcbx.org. Listen to Central Coast Voices every Thursday from 1-2 pm on KCBX.
  • Tune in for a conversation with Dr.Tim Muehlhoff, communications professor and co-director of Biola Universities' Winsome Conviction project—which seeks to reintroduce civility into our public disagreements.—and co-host of the Winsome Conviction Podcast. Listen to the program Tuesdays at 2pm on KCBX
  • In the first part of our four part series called The Heat Beat, Beth Thornton reports on how communities can prepare for heat waves and save lives. Filmmaker Sky Bergman speaks about her latest film- Mochitsuki, which explores the ancient tradition of preparing Mochi to celebrate the Japanese New Year. The authors of ‘Your Brain on Art’ talk about their research and book with UCSB student reporter Brandon Yee. Violinist Brynn Albanese brings live music to hospital patients across the Central Coast as a Certified Music Practitioner.
  • May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and the organization Asian American & Pacific Islanders of San Luis Obispo County, or AAPI SLO, is ready to celebrate! Join Lata Murti and her guests from AAPI SLO, co-founders Mia Shin and Kaela Lee, as they discuss this year’s third annual AAPI SLO Festival as well as the Asian American and Pacific Islander community of California’s Central Coast. Although we cannot take your calls live during this pre-recorded show, you are invited to listen, learn and send your questions to voices@kcbx.org. Listen to Central Coast Voices every Thursday live from 1-2pm on KCBX.
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