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Vienna museums post 'adult' art on OnlyFans to avoid censorship


This next story takes us to Vienna, Austria, a place the Vienna Tourist Board would like you to visit. For the past couple of years, the tourist board struggled with its social media accounts.

HELENA HARTLAUER: Yeah, seen some difficulties when it comes to uploading images of artworks.


Helena Hartlauer is with the Vienna Tourist Board. The board uploaded images of artwork that you might see in Vienna, then Facebook and Instagram would block the posts.

HARTLAUER: Because of nudity, yeah - some body parts were a part of these artworks.

INSKEEP: Facebook, which is an NPR sponsor, blocked the art that showed a little too much of the human body. Refusing to be deterred, the tourist board went on OnlyFans, an internet subscription site best known for sexual images.

HARTLAUER: Because, as we know, OnlyFans is very open to nude content.

DETROW: Did they really need to promote Vienna on a site best known for porn? No, not really.

HARTLAUER: Of course, you can promote a museum or a city like Vienna without necessarily posting exactly these images.

INSKEEP: But Helena Hartlauer says a principle is at stake.

HARTLAUER: This question of why social media is censoring art online.

INSKEEP: She's making a statement at the Vienna Tourist Board. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.