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Threat to citrus industry moves farther up the California coast

Citrus Research Board

San Luis Obispo County agriculture officials say a dangerous pest is moving farther north and causing fear among citrus growers.  Ag Commissioner, Martin Settevendemi, says the pest has now been found as far north as Cayucos, following recent sightings in San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande.

All locations have a surrounding quarantine affecting nurseries and commercial citrus to prevent further spread. The public can also help by not transporting fruit with stems and leaves still attached. All of Santa Barbara County is under quarantine. 

"[Don't] bring things in from other areas because that's the pathway where these pests can spread very easily and we're trying to minimize it as much as possible," said Settevendemi. 

The Commissioner says the citrus psyllid has the potential to carry HLB disease... which has shown up L-A county. The disease has been devastating for Florida's citrus crops.