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New study shows women gaining in business, but California Senator says more progress needed


A study released Thursday shows women in business have made some progress in serving on boards and securing high paid positions in California.

State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson says its a top goal of hers to increase the percentage of business women in leadership positions. She authored a resolution last year—the first-of-its-kind in the nation—urging California's 400 largest publicly-held corporations to do just that.

The UC Davis study shows only about one-in-nine top executives or board members are women, a slight increase over the previous year.

Jackson says that level of progress is unsatisfying.

"Data shows that when you have women serving in those positions, companies tend to be more financially successful and when you have women making key decisions affecting businesses, you're going to see more of that woman's experience reflected in the way companies operate," said Jackson.

The Senator's resolution, while non-binding, pushes for companies to more than double the current level of representation by December 2016.