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KCBX News Update: SLO Public Health Director urges vaccination ahead of Thanksgiving gatherings, and Cal Fire gives tips on how to prevent holiday house fires

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SLO County Public Health
Dr. Penny Borenstein of SLO County Public Health advises SLO County residents to get vaccinated ahead of Thanksgiving gatherings.

SLO Public Health Director urges vaccination ahead of holiday gatherings

San Luis Obispo County Public Health Director Penny Borenstein is advising everyone to get vaccinated ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

In a video released by the Public Health Department, Borenstein said people can gather indoors with their family and relax restrictions if everyone is vaccinated.

“We definitely can relax if everybody in the gathering is vaccinated. If you’re not vaccinated, another good thing to consider — and I highly recommend — is get tested. Get tested one to three days before you travel, and again after you travel. Three to five days after you travel is the best approach,” Borenstein said.

In SLO County, there are COVID-19 testing sites in Grover Beach, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and Morro Bay.

For more information on vaccines in SLO County, you can visit

Cal Fire gives tips on avoiding Thanksgiving fires

Many of us are taking time away from work for Thanksgiving this week, but firefighters are bracing for some of their busiest days of the year.

A lot of people in a lot of homes cooking a lot of dishes all at once — and Cal Fire Captain Robert Foxworthy says that’s the recipe for a big spike in house fires.

“Thanksgiving is actually the peak day for home cooking fires for the entire year, followed by the day before Thanksgiving and then Christmas and Christmas Eve. The average number of fires reported on Thanksgiving Day is usually about double that of a normal day,” Foxworthy said.

The number one culprit is distraction and inattention. If a fire starts while you’re in another room, you’re losing the opportunity to contain it and put it out quickly.

“If you are cooking, either have someone that stays in the kitchen or shut those appliances off,” Foxworthy said.

One more tip from the Captain: when you’re laying out the ingredients for the meal, also put out the salt or baking soda, which can be used to put out a small fire, within easy reach. And never use water on a grease fire — that just makes it worse.

This story came to us from CapRadio News.

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