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Issues & Ideas: 2011 Archives

Audio archives are not available online for shows prior to 2012. For an audio copy of an older show, please contact us with your specific request.

December 28, 2011: Larry Rutter spends an hour with former San Luis Obispo City Manager Ken Hampian. They discuss Mr. Hampian's recent time spent in the city of Bell.

December 14, 2011: Host Pandora Nash-Karner talks with Hilda Zacarias about the local offerings of VITA - The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program.

November 30, 2011: Host Larry Rutter speaks with Tom Neuhaus and Tom Drahos about the upcoming "Tasting the Difference" event taking place December 16th at the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden, a benefit for Project Hope and Fairness.

November 9, 2011: Shoosh Crotzer updates us on Enhancement Inc. a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to improve the quality of life for breast cancer survivors.

November 9, 2011: Host Pandora Nash Karner talks with Storyteller Zette Harbour about the upcoming Tellebration storytelling event, taking place at the San Luis Obispo Library Community Room on November 19, 2011.

October 26, 2011: Tom Wilmer reports from the island of Palau.

October 26, 2011: Tom Wilmer visits the iconic Top of the Mark - Sky Room in San Francisco.

October 26, 2011: John Pillow discusses his upcoming Shakespearian show, Every Man.

October 26, 2011: Pandora Nash-Karner from the SLO Botanical Garden talks about their upcoming concert with the band Marley's Ghost.

October 19, 2011: Tom talks with Steve Lohr, at the J. Lohr winery in Paso Robles.

October 19, 2011: Tom visits San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf during the recent Fleet Week. He talks with Kevin Carroll, Executive Director of Visit Fisherman's Wharf, and Danya Duke from the Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf.

October 19, 2011: Host Tom Wilmer talks with Jessica Steely about green building techniques, SLO Green Build, and the upcoming Green Gala fundrasing event at Castoro Cellars on October 28th.

October 12, 2011: We re-visit Cambria Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART).

October 12, 2011: Today’s program opens the skies to General Aviation, with Jolie Lucas from The Friends of Oceano Airport

September 28, 2011: Details on the upcoming Oceano Cleanup Day.

September 28, 2011: The Central Coast Bioneers Conference.

September 28, 2011: Information on this weekend's Octoberfest celebration in Cambria.

September 28, 2011: Musician Joe Craven talks with Guy Rathbun and Pandora Nash Karner about his upcoming performance at the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden.

September 21, 2011: Buzz: An interview with author Jeffrey Spivak on his book, The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley.

September 21, 2011: The Pirate Handbook: A Rogue's Guide to Pillage, Plunder, Chaos, and Conquest by Pat Croce.

September 14, 2011: Project director Chloe Stulls-Lane of Mercy Corp., provides a first-hand account of the famine and severe drought that's currently ravaging the Horn of Africa.

August 31, 2011: Guy Rathbun speaks with Hubert Dreyfus, co-author of All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age.

August 31, 2011: Brian Lawler and Sue McGinty discuss the upcoming Central Coast Writer's Conference and Book Festival.

August 31, 2011: Cathy Orton speaks with Guy Rathbun about CASA, the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children.

August 31, 2011: Guy Rathbun talks with Tom Mashberg, author of Stealing Rembrants.

August 24, 2011:As the PCPA Theaterfest's summer season comes to a close, Literary Director Particia Troxel provides insight for the finale.

August 24, 2011: Mother and son writing team, May Ann and Ian Fraser, have the details for this year's Writer's Conference.

August 17, 2011: Artist and board member of the Santa Barbara Arts community, Peter Wolsey, provides details for the Artists Open Studio later this month.

August 10, 2011: Bonnie teVelde and Lara Kiani give an overview of what's offered by the new teVelde School of Music.

August 10, 2011: Author Iruka N. Okeke discusses battling diseases in Africa in her book, Divining without Seeds

July 27, 2011: Clare Hawkins and Susan Burghini update us on the activities of HART Animal Rescue

July 27, 2011: The San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden is having a concert fundraiser on August 7th featuring The Mystery Trees. Pandora Nash Karner and Kenny Blackwell provide the details.

July 20, 2011: Guy talks with author Sherry Shahan and takes a look at her recent book, Purple Daze

July 20, 2011: A discussion about the upcoming Central Coast Writer's Conference

July 20, 2011: Guy learns about Gyrotonic San Luis Obispo, with founder Christine Wilson, RN

July 13, 2011: David Weisman bring us up to date on the actions of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility.

July 13, 2011: Phyllis Davies and Cal Poly graduate Roland Bunch provides insight on Groundswell International.

June 29, 2011: Adam Stowe, General Manager of the S.L.O. Blues baseball team gives us an update on the team, and highlights upcoming special events.

June 29, 2011: Jackie Parker discusses the AFS exchange student program.

June 29, 2011: Information on the upcoming Central Coast Shakespeare Festival.

June 29, 2011: Executive Director of the Kids' Cancer Research Foundation, Frank Kalman talks with Dr. Chrystal Louis of the Texas Children's Hospital

June 22, 2011: Chief Executive Officer for the Economic Vitality Corporation, Michael Manchak, gives an overview of the "Economic Strategy for San Luis Obispo County".

June 22, 2011: Archie McLaren provides an update for the Central Coast Wine Classic held next month.

June 15, 2011: Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Judith Beane joins the show

June 15, 2011: Clare Hawkins from HART Animal Rescue

June 15, 2011: Linda Stout is the author of Collective Visioning

June 8, 2011: Immigrants Raising Citizens with Hiro Yoshikawa

June 8, 2011: Executive Director of Community Partners in Caring, Ashley Paine from

May 25, 2011: Jennifer Stover discusses the annual Birth and Baby Fair.

May 25, 2011: Photographer Lisa Wilkerson talks about her book The Big Orange Day.

May 25, 2011: Adam Stowe, General Manager of the San Luis Obispo Blues baseball team talks about the upcoming season.

May 18, 2011: Bernadette Bernardi from the SLO Literacy Council takes a look at the literacy in San Luis Obispo County.

May 18, 2011: Dr. Azarm Ghareman talks about her book and workshops on Emotional Self-Help for Women.

May18, 2011: Laura Rice discusses the need to know a second language.

May 11, 2011: Cal Poly professor Tom Neuhaus tells the story of Mission of Project Hope and Fairness, and Cal Poly's Fair Trade Club.

May 11, 2011: Options, a non-profit dedicated to helping those with disabilities is holding a music festival benefit featuring Sheryl Crow. Spokesperson Michael Mamot discuss the program.

April 27, 2011: A discussion of the Atascadero Library's upcoming Secret Garden Tour.

April 27, 2011: Treatment counselor Carole Bennett discusses her book, Reclaim Your Life: You and the Alcoholic/Addict.

April 27, 2011: Dr. Herten discusses his book, The Sobering Truth

April 27, 2011: Peter Canova, author of Pope Annalisa, a spiritual thriller about an African nun who becomes the first female pope.

April 20, 2011: Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility spokesperson David Weisman provides updates on the controversy surrounding seismic studies at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

April 20, 2011: Non-profit Enhancement Inc. speak up their upcoming fundraiser.

April 13, 2011: Celebrating Earth Week with Sandra Michaels, head of Growing the Village and Lindsey Collinsworth of the SLO Botanical Garden

April 13, 2011: Kris O'Connell talks about the upcoming Earth Day Food & Wine Festival

March 30, 2011: Author Ruta Sepetys tells of her recent work, Between Shades of Gray

March 30, 2011: Columnist Alina Tugend talks about the inspiration that led to her book, Better By Mistake: The Unexpected Benefits of Being Wrong.

March 23, 2011: Author Jed Rubenfeld discusses his book, The Interpretation of Murder

March 23, 2011: Dr. David Anderegg's book, Nerds: How Dorks, Dweebs, Techies, and Trekkies can Save America.

March 16, 2011: Pandora Nash Karner discusses an upcoming concert and fundraiser for the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden

March 16, 2011: Founder and CEO of Fun Ride Mark Shaffer

March 16, 2011: Paul Munsen tells us about Solar Ovens

March 9, 2011: San Luis Obispo Communitites spokesperson Evelyn Ruscki updates the Bridging Poverty program. It's a diverse group of people teaming up to help local citizens move from poverty to possiblity.

March 9, 2011: Kyle Wiens of I-Fixit brings the motto--"Fixing the world, one piece of hardware at a time"--to the show.

February 23, 2011: Harold Weaver, author of Black Fire: African American Quakers

February 23, 2011: Anthony Arnoff's film, The People Speak, featured at the SLO-IFF

February 23, 2011: Wendy Eidson discusses the SLO-International Film Festival

February 16, 2011: Eric Lamet discusses his new book A Child al Copfino that harkens to a tragic time for Jews during Italy's fascist regime.

February 16, 2011: Investing in the Quality of Our Country, Barry VanderKelen

February 16, 2011: Childbirth instructor and educator Sue Simonson talks about her work with the Without Regret Foundation

February 9, 2011: Ojai artist Menzel-Joseph shares his poignant talent and moving work through his insightful book Art and Survival in the Twenty-first Century

February 9, 2011: SLO Communities with Leslie McKinley and Evelyn Ruscki

January 26, 2011: Author Douglas Starr weaves the story of the earliest research in forensics as he follows the path of a serial killer in 1890s France in, The Killer of Little Shepards

January 26, 2011: A talk with Dr. Pete Schwartz from The Central Coast Bioneers

January 19, 2011: Leslie McKinley and Dale Wolfe discuss the upcoming Performing Arts Honors event at the Performing Arts Center

January 19, 2011: Curtis Reinhardt talks about the Great American Railroad Show

January 19, 2011: John Loftus, author of America's Nazi Secret

January 12, 2011: Science Café coordinator Cynthia Perrine provides insight into the annual speaker series on scientific topics held at the Kennedy Center at Cal Poly.

January 12, 2011: Lan Samantha Chang's new book, All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost