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Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Broadcast date: 1/08/2015

Stories of sexual assault on American college campuses have dominated the news this past year. Although a recent federal report estimated only about .02% of enrolled students reported a forcible sex offense, many experts believe that sexual assault is seriously under-reported, and incidences are likely much higher.  

Despite increased community campaigns to decrease the social stigma and enhanced support services on college campuses to assist victims, many sexual assault victims are still unwilling to report the crime. The ACLU estimated more than 95% of these incidences are never reported. And studies have found that young women in college are even less likely to report incidents of abuse than those who are not in school. Only 20% of female college students reported an assault.  These startling reports demonstrate a necessity for further prevention, improved support and effective policy change.

So what can be done to decrease the incidence of sexual assault, change attitudes and make our campuses safer for everyone?

Host Kris Kington-Barker is joined by guests from RISE, Jesse Torrey, Associate Director, and Ashleigh Vereen, Education Services Coordinator, as well as Cheri Love, Assistant Coordinator of the Cal Poly Safer Program, and Kathleen Palmer, Student Assistant, to discuss the serious issue of sexual assault on our college campuses and what is, and can be done, to eliminate the problem.

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