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Morro Bay planning Independence Day celebrations without fireworks

Tom Wilmer


Plans for this year's Fourth of July fireworks display in Morro Bay are now canceled. 

The group, Morro Bay Fourth Inc., that has long provided fireworks to the community said earlier this year that it was experiencing fundraising fatigue and can no longer continue.

The City of Morro Bay says it can't afford to pick up the project, but will sponsor and host day time events. City Councilwoman Christine Johnson said they believe the fireworks need to be supported by the overall community and she says there's discussion every year whether to have fireworks.

"Last year, the groups were a little more vocal," she said. "Yet we are a bird sanctuary and we are definitely focused on our natural beauty and the benefits of the environment. So it's a give and take every year whether people support fireworks in the community or people don't."

Johnson said it's a good transition year to see if the community will want the fireworks in the future. She said Morro Bay Fourth Inc. was originally created in response to a laser show that replaced fireworks several years ago.