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Culture and Identity

Give the Gift of Conscious Consumerism

Broadcast date: 12/15/16

Every year the holidays become wrapped more in stuff and less in meaning. However,  this increased commercialization of the holiday season has come with hidden costs to our environment. Are we doing more harm than good with our altruistic consumption?  Can we shop smarter and be more mindful consumers?  How can we all do our part to conserve environmental resources and protect our planet while still taking part in the joy of holiday gift giving?

Join host Kris Kington Barker as she speaks with Kyle Wiens, CEO & co-founder of iFixit, a global repair community, who is "fixing the world, one broken gadget at a time,” Aaron Gomez, newly elected San Luis Obispo City Council Member and co-owner of the environmentally sustainable jewelry store The Gold Concept, and LynAnne Wiest, Store Manager of HumanKind Fair Trade, a nonprofit retail store. They will be discussing the importance of sustainability and conscious consumerism during the holidays.

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