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Culture and Identity

Central Coast Voices: Hip hop & finance

Broadcast date: 3/29/2018

Have you ever wondered why practical money management isn't more commonly taught in schools? Have you ever wondered what it would take to help students be good with money? Pockets Change is a new creative way to empower students to change their financial paths, by inspiring financial capability, teaching financial literacy through the universal language of Hip Hop.

Join Kris Kington Barker as she speaks with Andrea Ferrero, Co-founder & Director of Pockets Change and Bree Valla, the Director, Certificated Human Resources at Lompoc Unified School District as they discuss how Pockets Change is changing the way finance is taught. How this creative way of teaching is making young people aware of the tools at their disposal to better understand their relationship with money and share avenues to employment & entrepreneurship with them.

Central Coast Voices is sponsored by ACTION for Healthy Communities in collaboration with KCBX and made possible through underwriting by Joan Gellert-Sargen.