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Surveillance cameras are fixed on Isla Vista during Deltopia


UCSB students and visitors ready to party at Isla Vista's Deltopia event this Saturday will be doing so under the watchful eye of law enforcement surveillance cameras.

The university recently installed cameras throughout campus following a violent sexual assault and is providing six camera towers installed this week in key areas of Isla Vista for the sheriff's department to monitor this weekend's large gathering to celebrate spring.

Deputies hope the cameras will act both as a crime deterrent and a possible investigative tool, should a crime take place.

Last year a crowd estimated between 15,000-18,000 people showed up for Deltopia, mainly along Del Playa and in the business district. These are the same locations where the camera towers have been placed this year.

In addition to the cameras, deputies are ready to enforce Santa Barbara County's festival ordinance aimed at those who play loud music in order to attract a crowd.