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Aware, Awake & Alive; a stop to binge drinking deaths

Drinking and binge drinking have become an enormous aspect of social culture at American universities and colleges, but this culture has evolved into a deadly trend where one student dies of alcohol poisoning every 44 hours in the United States. 

Scott Starkey's son Carson was one of these students who died after a fraternity initiation at Cal Poly. In a desire to reverse this trend and to influence and educate students about alcohol poisoning, he and his wife founded the program Aware, Awake, and Alive.  They have partnered with the CSU system in an attempt to save our college student's lives.

Host Fred Munroe is joined by guests Scott Starkey, father of Carson Starkey and Co-Founder of Aware, Awake, and Alive, and Andrene Kaiwi-Lenting Director of New Student Programs at Cal Poly to discuss this topic.