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Cal Poly study looks at options for on-campus hotel and events center

Flickr member youngthousands

This month Cal Poly released the final report on a feasibility study that looks into the potential for a hotel and events center on campus. 

The study, which was conducted by an independent contractor, analyzed the market potential for an events center along with an integrated hotel, conference center and a museum. Cal Poly spokesperson, Matt Lazier, the project is just an idea at this point.

"There's potential for some really positive things there for all involved. And, so they wanted to take a harder look at it and see really in some more detail what the feasibility was and whether it's something worth pursuing further," said Lazier.

Clint Pierce, President of Madonna enterprises, believes a project like this would provide a huge value to the area. He says this would, of course, be competition but it would be more complimentary to their work, than anything.

"It's going to allow San Luis Obispo to be more competitive than we've ever been before on getting great events and conferences and larger groups and that's going to benefit everybody."

The university spent $130,000 on this study that began last December.