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Cuesta College secures accreditation for the next six years

Cuesta College

The organization that determines whether community colleges in the West are competent to teach students is clearing San Luis Obispo County's Cuesta College for the next six years.

The news is a relief for the institution, that in recent years hasn't always seen such favorable reviews.

The college has been working to maintain it's accreditation since 2008, when it was first placed on probation.

Cuesta's President Dr. Gil Stork said that the biggest factor in turning their probation status around was not the things they had to do, but rather the attitude of the college's employees.

"It was no longer any one person's responsibility. It was everyone responsibility," said Dr. Stork. "And that didn't really become clear to a lot of people until we went on 'show cause' when suddenly everybody had to pay attention because if we weren't successful there, the college could be disbanded."

Dr. Stork said that he saw the community's faith restored in the college when Measure L was passed in November. He said that the college is now a "model college" for how to turn things around.

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