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Cal Poly active shooter preparedness forum gives campus 'best chance for survival'

Jay Thompson, Cal Poly

In light of the numerous mass shootings that have affected the nation over the past few years, Cal Poly is preparing its campus for such an incident.

University Police presented a safety forum to the campus community on Thursday.

More than 200 faculty, staff, and students gathered in the Chumash Auditorium to learn how to survive an active shooter situation.

University Police Chief George Hughes hosted the training, which he said prepares individuals for shooting incidents on or off campus.

"Campus security, obviously, is always a major priority for us. So, we want to make sure that as many people as possible on campus have the proper information to give them the best chance for survival if an active shooter was to occur here on this campus", he said.

While Cal Poly has not experienced a mass shooting, the University Police Department said it conducts training for active shooter situations up to three times a year.

A new law that went into effect this year prohibits bringing firearms to California college campuses, even for those with concealed carry permits.

However, there are exceptions for police officers and those with permission from the university president.

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