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Concern grows over Cal Poly's Master Plan possibilities for ag land

Several hundred Cal Poly students and alumni are voicing concern over the university’s master plan update, which they say could jeopardize elements of the dairy science program. 

Cal Poly is in the midst of updating its master plan which outlines options for campus growth and development over the next two decades. The latest development of the land use concept map shows parts of the school’s existing dairy land could be developed.

A group of students created a petition this month opposing this development. It says the land should be preserved as it currently used, for research, grazing and crop production, among other things.

Natalie Madson is a recent Cal Poly graduate within the College of Agriculture and said she signed the petition because utilizing land was important in her experience as a student.

“Programs like Cal Poly Ag programs...are so impactful to not only the college, but the community," said Madson. "It’s just disheartening to think that they can be disregarded and their future not secure.”

The university’s Director of Media Relations Matt Lazier said the maps don’t tell the whole story, because they should be considered with the master plan principles.

He told KCBX in an email the school is aware of the petition.

"The duration of the Master Plan allows for long-term consideration of the university’s various priorities and builds in time for Cal Poly administration to develop work-arounds or seek viable alternative sites to accommodate programs that might be impacted by future development," said Lazier.

The Cal Poly Master Plan Update is tentatively scheduled for completion later this year.

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