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State Senator hosts public meeting to prepare for climate change

Live Stream: Climate Change Impacts on Critical Infrastructure

State Senator Hannah-Beth held a public hearing in Santa Barbara earlier today to address Climate Change and Emergency management.

The hearing was designed to discuss the risks associated with climate change and what's left to be done. Panels of experts presented Climate Change reports and examined how climate change has already affected California.

Also present were representatives from local and state agencies to plan how to prepare for extreme events like rising sea-levels and longer fire seasons. Senator Jackson says issues associated with Climate Change will affect where and how future infrastructure is built. She says the future economy is dependent on how climate change is dealt with. and the Central Coast is uniquely affected by this.

"We are very, very dependent on our agricultural and environmental issues and areas for our economy and our quality of life. We really have to respect the environment, we have to address that adaptation based on climate change and be able to address it effectively," said Senator Jackson

Senator Jackson says moving forward with policy regarding this topic will be challenging because trends with climate change are new. She says in addition to future plans, it's important to continue pursing policies to reduce carbon emissions.