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Equal Employment Opportunity Program

KCBX is committed to an effective EEO program, and abides by the following nondiscrimination policy:

KCBX provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, color, religion or any characteristic protected by law.

Station KCBX(FM), San Luis Obispo, CA

2013 EEO Public File Report

August 1, 2012 through July 31, 2013:
There were no full-time job vacancies in this reporting period.

KCBX typically lists full-time job vacancies with the following entities:

The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Attention Classifieds
3825 S. Higuera Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
805-781-7800 extends our Tribune posting to a National level.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Job Line.
Contact Information:
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Attention: Job Line Coordinator
401 Ninth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004-2129

# of interviewees: N/A
Sources of hires: N/A

EEO Longer Term Initiatives.

KCBX currently has 5 full-time employees, and is located in a market with a population of fewer than 250,000.  KCBX is therefore required to complete two longer-term EEO initiatives every two years.

1. Training for management level personnel on methods of ensuring equal opportunity and preventing discrimination. KCBX’s General Manager attends an annual EEO program presented by an employment attorney and human resources consultant in San Luis Obispo.

2. Training programs for station personnel to acquire job skills.  KCBX arranged for four of its five full-time employees (Program Director, Operations Manager, Music Director, and General Manager) to attend the September 2012 Public Radio Program Directors Conference (featuring topics such as formats, scheduling, building better breaks, announcements, on-air fundraising, audience research, and new media).  In connection with this conference, the KCBX Program Director also attended an additional pre-conference training workshop for Program Directors.

3. Listing of upper-level job openings in jobs banks/newsletters with substantial women/minority participation.  KCBX lists upper-level job openings (when such openings occur), with various organizations that reach women and minorities.