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SLO Chamber launches program to help businesses and employees achieve work-life balance

 Courtesy of SLO Chamber
Courtesy of SLO Chamber

The San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce has a new program designed to help businesses accommodate workers with family obligations.

It’s called the Family-Friendly Workplace Accelerator Program, and it’s free for all San Luis Obispo County businesses.

Christina Lefevre Latner is the Workforce Development Manager for the program. She told KCBX News that the program is supported by SLO County and First Five of San Luis Obispo.

“It will provide resources and support to all businesses in San Luis Obispo County, so it’s throughout the entire county, to help businesses attract and also sustain a strong, inclusive local workforce through the implementation of these family-friendly workplace policies,” Lefevre Latner said.

According to Lefevre Latner, this type of program is important because it helps businesses help their workforce achieve a work-life balance.

“There's been numerous studies that have come out that showed how important it is for employers to be able just to support employees and balance their family life and work. And family actually includes not just children, but also the older generation too. This also includes people who may be disabled that are part of your family too, so it really is a wide swath of the population who needs these types of services,” Lefevre Latner said.

Lefevre Latner said a work-life balance helps not just the employee, but the employer too.

“What we found is that it lowers absenteeism within businesses and organizations, when they have these types of policies in place. And it also really helps not just attract local talent, but also to retain talent too. We've found that the loyalty with employees really goes up when they know that they have the support of their employers in balancing family and work priorities,” Lefevre Latner said.

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