Katherine Johnson

Assistant General Manager

Katherine Johnson is Assistant General Manager and Chief Financial Officer at KCBX.

She is responsible for overseeing the organization’s financial operations, financial reporting, budgeting, and serves as the Business Manager for the station’s annual Live Oak Music Festival. She also assists with human resource management.

Prior to her employment with KCBX, which began in December 1996, Katherine ran an export management company that specialized in trade between California and northern Italy.

Previously, Katherine worked as the Marketing Manager for an international licensing company and served as the Assistant Director of the World Trade Association of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

Katherine received a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from UC Berkeley in 1986, which included a year of study at the Università di Padova in Padova, Italy. She earned a Master’s Degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley in 1989.

Katherine lives in Arroyo Grande with her husband, Ian, two children, Duke and Emma, and many pets.

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