Kris Kington-Barker

Host of Central Coast Voices

Kris Kington-Barker has worked in healthcare fields ranging from mental health to hospital administration over the past 30 years and has served as a volunteer and board member for many central coast non-profit organizations.   She owns and operates a local business and, since 2006, has been providing private management consulting with a focus on strategic planning and leadership development for healthcare organizations and nonprofits.

Kris is currently the Executive Director for Hospice of San Luis Obispo, President of the board of the Long Term Care Ombudsman of SLO County and a member of ACTION for Health Communities. She became involved in radio in 1986 when she started hosting Health Matters for KVEC as a volunteer. Kris later hosted Voices on KCBX from 1999 to 2001, and now co-hosts Central Coast Voices with Fred Munroe.

Ways to Connect

This week on Central Coast Voices, Kris Kington Barker will be talking with Stephanie Teaford and Chuck Stevenson about the upcoming Healthy Communities Workgroup. Their project is understanding the way our communities build our buildings, workspaces, roads and more, and that these environments affect our health. Designing environments for better health will be done by city leaders, planning commissions, and school boards and will be the focus of the upcoming workshop.

This week on Central Coast Voices,Kris Kington Barker will be talking with Bruce Howard from Otter Productions and Steve Larian director of Cal Poly Arts. Each of them will be discussing the trials and tribulations of booking and selling entertainment acts in our communities.

Central Coast Voices…hears from Joel Diringer, who is a Central Coast health consultant and advocate, and Dr. Penny Borenstein, San Luis Obispo's County Health Officer. This week's topic will be learning about healthcare reform and starting to understand its many complexities. Learn how this dramatic change in US healthcare will be affecting you and our community.