Rachel Duchak

Morning Edition Host

Rachel is the local host for Morning Edition on KCBX, and occasionally contributes to our radio magazine Issues & Ideas. She is a long-time public radio listener and news enthusiast. She first heard about one of her favorite albums, The Shrine presents Afrobeat: The Funkiest Music Ever Made on a music segment during All Thing Considered. Favorite musical artists include Fela Kuti, Los Lobos, Sade, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Novalima.

An escapee from Midwestern winters, she moved to the Central Coast in 2004 and promptly bought a road bike to take best advantage of all the great cycling routes in the area. She enjoys edible gardening and lives in California's 24th district with her husband.

Ways to Connect

Mark C. Anderson

Why aren’t there more people of color and women at agriculture conferences? One organization is actively working to change the demographics of both presenters and attendees—and workshop topics—at what's considered the oldest and largest organic farming conference in the West.

On this week’s Issues & Ideas:  We sit down with two Santa Barbara librarians to discuss a new class open to the public called 'Fact or Fiction,' designed to help community members find accurate health information online.  And later we talk to a Lodi winemaker who credits Cal Poly’s 'Learn by Doing' philosophy for creating graduates armed with the practical, hands-on skills sought out by the wine industry.

On this week’s Issues and Ideas, we talk gun safety and gun violence. As of Monday, December 9, 2019, there have been been 393 mass shootings across the United States and more than 55,000 acts of gun violence. We speak with two Central Coast community members with differing perspectives on the issues surrounding gun violence, gun safety and the 2nd Amendment. Dr. Bill Pummer of the San Luis Obispo Sportsman Association and Morro Bay city councilmember and Women’s March SLO founder Dawn Addis join host Brian Reynolds in the KCBX studio.