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Enhancing the mentor-mentee relationship and getting the best out of it

A mentor is someone who teaches or offers help, advice and guidance to someone with less experience, who is often younger and shares similar interests, goals and values. But the true beauty of this arrangement comes in the exchange that happens when the mentee also inspires and invigorates the life of the mentor — which leads to greater opportunities for both. This week's Conversation with the Reluctant Therapist welcomes two guests, Dr. Peter Whitehouse and Dr. Daniel George, alongside host Elizabeth Barrett. The three talk about the rich friendship which has developed between mentor and mentee.

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Elizabeth Barrett is a wife, mother, licensed marriage-family therapist, educator, eavesdropper, emotion worker, and mental health consultant. She uses all of these skills to address the subjects that we all struggle with in this conversation with the Reluctant Therapist.