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Food is Love or is food our Enemy?

Food is often associated with an expression of love - to the heart through the belly. Food brings up memories of family gatherings, comfort, joy and the experience of new and familiar flavors that enhance our life. Most all traditions include a shared meal - a celebratory feast. But food is also equated to eating disorders, obesity, fat shaming, and unrealistic expectations about size and diets - which fail almost 90% of the time. The AMA has admitted that they don't know how to cure obesity but they continue to double down on extreme measures like medications and surgery to rid people of fat. So what to do? Hear a conversation with the Reluctant Therapist, Elizabeth Barrett and Marlena Tanner, certified eating disorder specialist, registered dietician and founder of The Yellow House Project about how to allow food and love and body acceptance to guide our eating habits and improve our lives.

Broadcast date-2-14-23

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Elizabeth Barrett is a wife, mother, licensed marriage-family therapist, educator, eavesdropper, emotion worker, and mental health consultant. She uses all of these skills to address the subjects that we all struggle with in this conversation with the Reluctant Therapist.