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Can AI improve our world?

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Everywhere you turn people are talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), and at each turn there is controversy. So, what is AI really capable of and are the concerns warranted?

Join host Fred Munroe as he speaks with guest Dr. Deb Donig, Assistant Professor in the English Department at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, and cofounder of the Ethical Technology Initiative at Cal Poly. They will discuss the benefits, potential challenges, and ethical implications of the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our society.

You are invited to listen, learn and participate in the conversation, between 1-2 pm. Call in and be part of the discussion at (805) 781-3875.

Broadcast date: 7/13/2023

Central Coast Voices is sponsored by ACTION for Healthy Communities in collaboration with KCBX.

Fred Munroe is a co-host of the KCBX talk show Central Coast Voices, heard every Thursday afternoon from 1:00-2:00. Fred has successfully divided his time as a local entrepreneur, political leader, and communicator. He owns and manages two local firms addressing personal travel planning and public transportation; Travel With Fred and Ridership Development Consultants.