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Festival Mozaic's Scott Yoo, musician Eric Krasno, and Women's March SLO

Scott Yoo.mp3

Scott Yoo is a virtuoso violinist, conductor, and host of a documentary music series on PBS. He’s also the artistic director of Festival Mozaic. He talks to Marisa Waddell about his endeavors and plans.

Eric Krasno.mp3

Acclaimed musician and producer Eric Krasno talks to Benjamin Purper about his new album, Always. Krasno discusses what it’s like to make his fourth solo album during the pandemic. Krasno will appear in concert at SLO Brew Rock on March 3.

Women's March SLO.mp3

On the Nonprofit Story, host Dr Consuelo Meux speaks with Andrea Chmelik of Women’s March SLO, about this year’s 6th annual event in Mitchell Park in San Luis Obispo.

Journeys of Discovery Pinnacles National Park.mp3

KCBX contributor Tom Wilmer explores Pinnacles National Park- its history and current use- in this episode from the archives of Journeys of Discovery.