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Santa Barbara considers district elections for its city council

The City of Santa Barbara is considering changing how its council members are elected, by moving from an at large representation to a district-based version.

Those against the current system feel minority groups are under-represented with the council's current makeup.

Nina Johnson is the assistant to the City Administrator and says local groups have been pushing for this change.

"The city council in April had a pretty large discussion considering the possibility of a hybrid at-large/district election system where the Mayor and two council members would be elected at-large and four council members would be elected by districts," said Johnson.

The goal for the city now is to get more input from the public on the current system and seeing what interest there may be for shifting to a district electing system.

A public workshop to discuss the possibilities is scheduled for next Thursday night at 6:00 p.m. at the Public Library's Faulkner Gallery.