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Paso Robles clears way for mobile medical marijuana dispensaries

Flickr member Dank Depot

The City of Paso Robles is preparing to issue its first-ever license for a mobile medical marijuana dispensary, according to its Administrative Services Department.

The City Council decided Tuesday night not to move forward with a mobile dispensary ban and voted 3-to-2 in favor of adopting a report that outlined their legal status.

It took a business application to move the issue to where we are today, says Jim Throop, the city's Director of Administrative Services. \

"When they came in and applied for it, we said 'oh gosh, you know there's a ban on bricks-n-mortar of this type of dispensary, does that apply to mobile also,'" said Throop. "We didn't have a clear path on what to take, so that's why we went ahead and presented it to council."

Throop says council members have acknowledged being educated on the issue over the past month.

Initially the mobile ban was seen as a procedural measure that would easily pass council. Public response at the council meetings however was largely against a ban.