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Sen. John McCain officially endorses Republican candidate Justin Fareed

Twitter user @Fareed4Congress

The congressional campaign of a local Republican candidate is gaining momentum. Justin Fareed announced he now has the official endorsement of Arizona Sen. John McCain. 

Fareed met with McCain weeks ago while the senator was visiting California. The candidate, who's running to replace Lois Capps' 24th District seat, said the two discussed how policy decisions could shape the country's future.

"He asked if I would like his support and I said, 'Absolutely, that would be amazing'" said Fareed. "I'm tremendously honored." 

Fareed says this was the second time they'd met. Their previous encounter was during his time as a congressional aid working on foreign policy reform. 

At 27, Fareed is much younger than his opponents. He said this endorsement validates his abilities. 

"As a younger candidate, I can and will get support and be able to work arm and arm with some folks that have been up there," Fareed said.

McCain is the only U.S. Senator to endorse any of the five candidates currently running for this seat.

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