Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay, Wisconsin—a community affair

Feb 6, 2017

Lars Johnson chats with patrons at the legendary Sister Bay, Wisconsin diner, Al's Swedish Restaurant started by his dad more than 65 years ago.
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant has been a family affair for more than 65 years. Scandinavian faire, from Swedish pancakes, to limpa bread, lingnonberries, and meatballs are house specialties. The structure is classic Old-World Norwegian design. Pre-built in Norway, the timbers were numbered, dismantled and shipped to Sister Bay on the Door Peninsula back in 1973. 

The diner, with an ardent local following, features one of America’s first modern-day sod roofs. And rooftop goats mow the sod every day during the season. The goats have become the stuff of legend--with their own rooftop Goat Cam. Come along for a visit with Al’s son, Lars Johnson.  

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Wintertime off the northern tip of Door Peninsula. Sturgeon Bay to left open water of Lake Michigan to right
Credit Thomas Wilmer