Approval of mental health hospital project in Templeton could be appealed

Jan 15, 2016

Thursday's approval of a mental health hospital by the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission could soon be appealed to the County's Board of Supervisors for consideration. 

Area in Templeton across from Twin Cities Hospital.
Credit Google Maps

The psychiatric facility to be built in Templeton meets all planning parameters with the exception of a needed height modification said Steve McMasters, supervising planner with the planning commission.

"The mental health facility actually is in the land use category that's designated. In addition in Templeton, their design plan has identified Las Tablas as a medical facilities area," said McMasters. "This project is located directly opposite Twin Cities Hospital."

David La Rue is the chairman of the Templeton Area Advisory Group (TAAG), which he says will speak with the Board of Supervisors if an individual does appeal the project. 

La Rue said TAAG does support mental health services. 

"I don't believe the community nor the County realizes what's going to be built," he said. "The stories have been conflicting by the developer, the design doesn't match the stories, and I think the community is going to be very surprised [with] what shows up."

If built, the psychiatric hospital would be the only one of its kind in the County of San Luis Obispo.