Arroyo Grande residents hit with reductions after emergency water declaration

May 27, 2015

Credit City of Arroyo Grande Facebook Page

Residents of Arroyo Grande are facing major water cuts after the City Council unanimously declared a Stage I Water Shortage Emergency Tuesday night.

Low water levels at Lopez Lake, the city's primary source of water, is a big reason for the emergency declaration. Currently about 95 percent of the city's supply comes from Lopez, in an effort to protect the city's groundwater source from saltwater intrusion.

Customers will be assigned a tiered amount based on their 2014 water consumption levels. Bob McFall is the interim City Manager and said the restrictions will hit some harder than others.

"For heavy water users, there's going to be a real change in behavior they'll have to have.  Some water users, are going to have to cut back 30 percent, which is a significant reduction," said McFall. 

Those who violate will first receive a warning, but could face up to a $200 fine.

However, one-time penalties can be waived by attending a water conservation school provided by the city.

McFall says they will be working a lot with the community over the next few months to educate and provide the public with tools to save water.

These restrictions that will go into effect as soon as July 1, will also meet the governor's statewide mandate for reductions.