Atascadero's Eagle Ranch project moving forward

Mar 29, 2017

After a four-year hiatus, momentum on the proposed Eagle Ranch project just south of Atascadero is once again picking up. On Thursday evening, March 30, the Atascadero city council and planning commission are holding a joint meeting to take public comment on the mega development project. 

The proposed 3,460-acre Eagle Ranch project includes development of 494 single-family residential lots, 93 multi-family units, a resort hotel and about 20 acres of commercial development, all on now-undeveloped land on the southern edge of Atascadero city limits.

The city is planning on annexing the land and has prepared environmental documents and a draft specific plan. The public comment period on the project’s draft EIR has been extended until April 17, and this week the city hosted an open house-type meeting planning staff said would “provide opportunities for the public to ask questions and gain a full understanding of the proposed project and the environmental review.”

The joint city council and planning commission meeting takes place at City Hall at 6:30 p.m. on March 30. No official action will be taken at the meeting; rather city staff say their goal “is to make this part of the process accessible and relatable for all residents and to help ensure that potential issues have been studied and addressed.”