Central Coast jobs report shows strong growth, but too many low-paying positions

Apr 15, 2015

Credit Source: EMSI QCEW and non-QCEW Employment 2014.3

A jobs report released this month shows San Luis Obispo County is challenged when it comes to the number of high-paying positions available.

Last year, the SLO County Workforce Investment Board partnered with BW Research Partnership, Inc. to conduct a study on the local economy.

The report found the county has had a strong recovery in terms of total employment, exceeding the numbers of neighboring Central Coast counties.

However, the report also found SLO County has a disproportionate number of jobs in the lowest-paying tier of employment, when compared with the State of California or the rest of the nation.


  • Mike Manchack - President and CEO of the Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC)
  • Josh Williams - BW Research Partnership, Inc.