Central Coast Voices: History and heritage at the Dana Cultural Center

May 17, 2018

Broadcast date: 5/17/2018

Building a healthy community includes finding a place of belonging, building an identity and finding personal connections that become part of our story. The Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos has outgrown the house museum model and looked beyond to offer our community an unexpected place to find a personal connection. It provides a unique platform to understand life in California Rancho era and to appreciate and discover our connection with the stories of those who left their footprints on the land throughout time. The Dana Adobe and the 130 acres of preserved land engage the visitor in the sites ecological and cultural history and demonstrate how actions over time shape our future.

Join Fred Munroe as he speaks with Marina B. Washburn, Executive Director of the DANA Adobe Cultural Center, Helen Daurio, a retired teacher, long-serving Board of Directors and docent at DANA, as well as Alan Daurio, a retired rocket scientist, long-serving Board of Directors and docent at DANA as they discuss the DANA Cultural Center's  dedication to the history, heritage, culture and ecology of the early 19th century Rancho Era in California.

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