Central Coast Voices: Welcome home women veterans

Dec 19, 2019

Many might not know it, but among homeless veterans, women are the fastest growing group. A 2017  Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) report showed the number of homeless female veterans increased by 7% from 2016 to 2017, compared to only a 1% increase for male veterans and estimated that more than 3,500 female veterans were homeless on a single night in January of that year. So why are so many women vets now homeless, or facing homelessness? And what can be done to help?

Join Kris Kington Barker as she speaks with members of the team at Operation WEBS (Women Empowered Build Strong) Sandy Blair, Air Force Veteran, Former Law Enforcement Officer, Founder and CEO of Operation WEBS and Caity Casey, Air Force Veteran, Operation WEBS, Director of Communication about the challenges that women veterans face as they struggle to transition to civilian life after their military service and their work building tiny homes on wheels (THOW) as a sustainable solution for displaced & homeless women veterans.

Broadcast date: 12/19/19

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