Central Coast Voices: Women in the pipeline

Jan 9, 2020

Despite research that shows a majority of Americans say they would like to see more women in top leadership positions – not only in politics, but also in the corporate world, we know women rarely self-nominate themselves, even though when they do run for political office, statistics show that they win at an equal or better rate than men.

It was with this in mind that Women in the Pipeline (WIP) San Luis Obispo County was born. Their goal is to produce a pipeline of women leaders equipped to run for office by creating an atmosphere where women encourage each other, learn to break down barriers to civic engagement, and become empowered to run for office.

Join Kris Kington Barker as she speaks with guests Michelle Shoresman and Linda Seifert, organizing volunteers with Women in the Pipeline of San Luis Obispo County, as they discuss why increasing female leadership is important to communities, and what they are doing to support women and help them develop the skills needed to be a great candidate, primed to win.

Broadcast date: 1/9/20

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