Drought altering what's available this summer at local farmers markets

Jun 5, 2014

Summer stone fruit on display from Rick Cody Farms.
Credit North County Farmers Market Association

While farmers’ markets are a year-round tradition along the Central Coast, the bounty certainly kicks up a notch as we head into the summer months of June, July, and August.

This year however, you may find it more difficult to locate some favorites at your local market. For instance, some farmers are no longer growing water-intensive crops like blueberries and corn.

Mike Diamond puts together the news and information for the North County Farmers Market Association’s website and newsletters. The group runs markets in Atascadero, Los Osos, Paso Robles, and Templeton. He says this year's drought is all the talk among the local growers.

"Farmers are doing what they can to adjust," said Diamond. "One of our long-time blueberry growers has switched his water to other crops—his other berry crops—and is not growing the blueberries, he just doesn't have the water to do it."

Diamond says as the season progresses, we'll continue to see the produce available at San Luis Obispo area farmers markets affected by the historic drought conditions.