Emergency water pipeline planned for portions of SLO County

Apr 28, 2014

Two proposed pipelines that would access water from the Lake Nacimiento pipeline could supply emergency water to government facilities on Highway 1, and the City of Morro Bay.
Credit City of Paso Robles

Several Central Coast communities are facing severe water shortages this summer as our state’s historic drought drags on, and that's prompting many local leaders to consider short and long term remedies.

One of the newest proposals is to build a pipeline that could deliver emergency water to areas of San Luis Obispo County, including the City of Morro Bay.

The project would add a connector so Lake Nacimiento water could be transported to a pipeline that supplies Camp San Luis Obispo on Highway 1. The second part of the plan is to build another pipeline—the larger portion of the project—to send water over to the nearby California Men’s Colony where there is a water treatment facility. From there the treated water could be sent up to Morro Bay or anywhere else that’s serviced by the State Water pipeline.

District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson is pushing the project that could give extra water security to areas he serves.