Exploring the land of Terra Cotta Warriors & The Silk Road

May 17, 2018

A wise elder at The Wave near Jingbian City close to the border with Inner Mongolia
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Xi’an, in Shaanxi Province of the People’s Republic of China is the oldest of the “Four Great Ancient Capitals of China”. It’s the most populous city in Northwest China, and  claims close to 13 million souls in the greater metropolitan area. 

Join correspondent Tom Wilmer as he explores the ancient city of Xi’an and the province of Shaanxi. 

Xi’an has served as a regional capital for more than 2,000 years and this is where the Silk Road commenced its circuitous route to the West. Xi’an is best known to the modern world as the home of the legendary 3rd Century B.C. Terra Cotta Army.

Today, Xi’an is experiencing an explosive growth and renaissance as an industrial, cultural, high-tech and educational center of China’s central and northwest regions.

Local cultural insights are offered by David Lang, born and raised in Canton, China, Paul Su a Senior English tour guide is based in Shaanxi Province, and Simon Zhang Manager of The Second European Department of Shaanxi Overseas Tourist Company. 

Ana Mitrovic from Belgrade, Serbia is a doctoral candidate in archeology at Northwest University in Xi’an with a specialization in the production of the Terra Cotta Warriors.

Dan Wang, majoring in English Literature, graduates from Xi’an International Studies University in June and is serving as an intern with China Radio International Online.

In addition to discovering the vibrancy of the ancient walled fortress city of Xi’an, we will visit the Terra Cotta Warriors, and Mao Zedong’s cave headquarters in the mountains of Yan’an a four hour drive from Xi’an.

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