Fall quarter starts for Cal Poly Students with positive trends on campus

Sep 23, 2014

First day of fall quarter on the Cal Poly campus, San Luis Obispo, Calif.
Credit Jay Thompson, Cal Poly

Monday was the first day of the academic year for Cal Poly students.

Incoming freshmen will be happy to learn that Cal Poly ranks No. 3 in California for having the highest paid graduates of any public 4-year degree programs. The school ranks just behind UC Berkeley and UC San Diego according to PayScale.com.

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong says the overall financial situation for the university is on a good upward trend, following years of budget cuts during the recession.

"We're excited," said Armstrong. "Financially the state economy has improved, the governor has been true to his word in that he is providing more money to higher education, but we're not getting what we need."

The president says the university is not able to take care of deferred maintenance because of financial constraints.

Armstrong says the success fee that students supported several years ago is now fully implemented and 70 percent of that fee is helping to hire new faculty.

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