Historic Racine, Wisconsin—a model for energizing the Heartland of America’s economic engine

Jul 3, 2017

Stunningly beautiful homes abound in Racine, Wisconsin
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Racine Wisconsin is just 22 miles south of Milwaukee but it’s a world apart. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, the town abounds with historic homes and a downtown that abounds with charm. Come along join outgoing mayor, John Dickert and discover how Racine is reinventing itself and attracting start-up businesses.

Racine, Wisconsin Mayor, john Dickert
Credit City of Racine, Wisconsin

A 6,000 square-foot mansion can be purchased for less than a 2 bedroom, one car garage home in California's Silicon Valley
Credit Thomas Wilmer
Racine, Wisconsin is home to S.C. Johnson--maker of fabled Johnson's Wax, Glade, Raid, and numerous other household products such as Windex. Headquarters was designed by Frank Loyd Wright
Credit Thomas Wilmer
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