How the Green Bay Packers came to be America’s only non-profit NFL franchise

Oct 3, 2017

1919 Green Bay Packers team

Brenda Krainik and Candy Conard in Green Bay, Wisconsin share the back-story of how the Green Bay Packers came to be America’s only non-profit NFL team. More than 360,000 fans are ardent shareholders, and the concession stands at Lambeau Field are operated by local non-profit organizations. Brenda also shares insights about cool things to do and see in the little town of Green Bay—with the world’s most passionate football fans.

Green Bay Packers Titletown
Credit Thomas Wilmer
Every one of the 81,442 seats at Lambeau Field has been sold out since 1960. Fortunately you can still get tickets online
Credit Thomas Wilmer
1923 Green Bay Packers stock certificate
Tour Guide Candy Conard says that the waiting list for tickets to the Green Bay Packers is in excess of 130,000
Credit Thomas Wilmer
Lambeau Field Atrium entry
Credit Thomas Wilmer
Atrium at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Credit Thomas Wilmer
Green Bay Packers logo

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