Independence MO--Truman Presidential Library, Puppetry Institute and Hair Museum

Jan 29, 2018

Festival time in downtown Independence, Missouri
Credit Thomas Wilmer

The Harry S. Truman Presidential Library honors one of the town's most legendary citizens. We'll also stop in for visits at lesser known but fascinating places such as the Puppetry Arts Institute-with one of the world's largest collections of Pinocchio ephemera, and the one of a kind Leila's Hair Museum.

Independence, Missouri's modern roots date from the mid 1800's when the town served as the staging ground for Westward migration.

National Frontier Trails Museum in Independence, Missouri chronicles westward migration in the mid 1800's and the town's strategic importance as a staging place for the pioneers.
Credit Thomas Wilmer
Diane Houk at the American Puppetry Institute in Independence, Missouri
Credit Thomas Wilmer
Hair, woven in to wreaths and other art forms served an important genealogical chronicle of family histories before the advent of photography
Credit Thomas Wilmer
President Harry S. Truman's recreated Oval Office at the Presidential Library in Independence Missouri.
Credit Thomas Wilmer

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