Issues & Ideas: Coin shortage, abalone and a "quarantini" a day

Jul 28, 2020

Coins go back and forth between consumers and businesses without much notice, but now there are fewer coins in circulation with most people staying at home. We’ll get a look at COVID-19 contact tracing—when teams of people track down and get in touch with close contacts of those who have tested positive—and learn how certain California counties are doing with that effort. Jill Stearns, president of Cuesta College, talks about the issues facing San Luis Obispo County's community college campuses regarding the fall semester. The uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has forced museums around the region to reassess how they connect with their guests, even while their doors are shut. We’ll learn about a new book by author Ann Vileisis: "Abalone: the Remarkable History and Uncertain Future of California's Iconic Shellfish." And finally, Dusty Colyer-Worth vowed to mix an original "quarantini" for each day he spent at home. KCBX contributor Father Ian checks in with him after more than 100 days.