Issues & Ideas: US fishing industry floundering, debris flow risk and the Channel Islands

Dec 28, 2020

On the December 21 edition of Issues & Ideas, we'll hear a report on how some GOP lawmakers in California oppose business shutdowns because they say there’s no evidence they reduce COVID-19 cases or spikes. And, you’ll hear about how the pandemic is impacting the fishing industry on the entral Coast and beyond, as KCBX speaks with a Central Coast fishing industry official and two academic researchers. Lake Tahoe has finally received a measurable amount of snow, and more is forecasted, but the pandemic has buried the tourist economy there. The rainy season is upon Monterey County and because of this summer’s major wildfires, the season brings a significant risk of debris flows. We have a report on how COVID-19 has affected one Central Valley family. We’ll also hear from a San Luis Obispo business owner about current challenges and opportunities—and the risks her family took during the pandemic to help their business stay afloat. Finally, we’ll learn about a new "un-textbook" written about the Channel Islands.

Editor's note: An earlier version of the above show description incorrectly included SLO County Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham in the group of GOP lawmakers who oppose business shutdowns because they say there’s no evidence they reduce COVID-19 cases or spikes. According to Cunningham's chief of staff, "Assemblyman Cunningham has never said that shutdowns do not reduce COVID-19 cases or spikes. Cunningham has asked for scientific evidence to support the State Public Health Department’s orders to close outdoor dining, which neither the state nor any local public health department has been able to provide in court—one in Los Angeles County, and another in San Diego County. He has been critical of the state’s shotgun approach of closing businesses, and has asked the state to base targeted closings on science and data that supports those targeted closures, not just a hope that they will keep people home." We appreciate Cunningham's office clarifying his position.