Large solar project gets unanimous support from Monterey County Planning Commission

Jan 14, 2015

Solar panels similar to the ones planned for the California Flats project in Monterey County.
Credit First Solar

A massive solar project in southeastern Monterey County got a unanimous thumbs up Wednesday from the Monterey County Planning Commission.

First Solar spokesman Steve Krum said members voted 8 to 0 in favor of approving the California Flats Solar Farm.

"The decision was to recommend to the Board of Supervisors to Certify the EIR, to approve the Development Agreement and approve the project," said Carol Allen, Senior Secretary for the Monterey County Resource Management Agency.

The 280 megawatt project would sit on 2900 acres of private farming land near the San Luis Obispo County Line and Highway 41.

First Solar is the company petitioning to build the farm. It's the same company that's working on the solar project in Santa Barbara County's Cuyama Valley, and that developed the Topaz Solar Farm in the California Valley.