Lodi, California growing grapes and tourism—a conversation with Mayor Mark Chandler

Dec 15, 2016

Lodi, California Mayor Mark Chandler
Credit Thomas Wilmer

Lodi, California’s Mayor Mark Chandler talks about Lodi’s 150-year history as a premier grape growing region. Chandler shares insights on “Lodi Rules” pioneering sustainable grape growing practices that became a national model, his roots at Cal Poly, water conservation and re-use, and moderating development.

Discover why Lodi is a growing visitor destination for wine seekers and more.

Macchia Wines' elegant patio symbolizes Lodi's family owned wineries along the wine trail.
Credit Thomas Wilmer

A graduate of Cal Poly State University, Chandler talks about how the university’s hands-on educational approach incubated his desire to become a grape grower.

Lodi's m2 Wines cuts a cutting-edge architectural accent to the family owned lexicon of wineries along the Lodi Wine Trail
Credit Thomas Wilmer
Credit Kornreich Design San Luis Obispo

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